Hope 2018

HOPE is a catalyst for local church mission in villages, towns and cities.



Listen to or download this sermon from Roy Crowne preached at Canterbury Baptist Church on 15th June 2017 on HOPE 2018.


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Prayer Guides

This guide includes eight prayer walks for you to follow, each in a different part of the city. The walks are between a mile and a mile and a half long, and can be done either alone or in a group. Our hope and prayer is that many of you will commit to walking the streets of Canterbury in a new way this year: not just trying to get from A to B as quickly as possible, but remembering, as you walk, to pray for the people and places around you. The more we flood our streets with prayer, the more our city will be flooded with the light and hope of Jesus Christ.

The maps in this guide give an example of what a prayer walk might look like. Each one leads you past various different locations which act as prompts to pray for different aspects of life in Canterbury. So, for instance, you might pass a school, and use it as a reminder to pray for all those children attending school in the city. But these walks are really just ideas to get you started. Once you’ve done a couple, you might want to map your own prayer landmarks.