Easter Blessings Prayer Walk

Easter 2021 finds us still unable to hold our Good Friday Walk of Witness and outdoor service, but the unusual circumstances give us the opportunity to do something different.

As Canterbury emerges from lockdown, let’s unite (in purpose if not in person) to pray blessing over the city, speaking words of hope and asking God to restore and renew.

Would you make time, sometime over the Easter weekend, to get together with others and do a prayer walk around the city walls? Of course, your group must comply with government guidelines (two households or the Rule of Six where more than two households are together).

Here is a simple guide to help you pray for Canterbury. It’s a walk around the city walls, stopping to pray at seven of the ancient gates. At each stop, we pray for different aspects of life in Canterbury. You can download the guide at the bottom of this page.

If you’d like hard copies, you can get them from Lyndall Bywater, our secretary, by prior arrangement: contact@canterburychristianstogether.org.uk

We are so grateful to the Canterbury Boiler room community for the production of this resource.

If you’d like to do some more prayer-walking, there are 8 more walks here, complete with maps and prayer pointers.

‘Seek the peace and prosperity of the city. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.’ Jeremiah 29:7

St George’s Gate

St George’s Gate leads out to the south part of the city, where many of our healthcare facilities are situated: K&C Hospital, the Health Centre and the Chaucer Hospital, to name but a few.

We pray for all those involved in health and social care in Canterbury, for hearts full of compassion, and for stamina to do their work well.

Worth Gate

Wincheap was one of Canterbury’s thriving markets, with traders coming in from far and wide to sell their wares.

We pray for the thousands of businesses which make this city such a vibrant place to live. We pray that those who do business here will operate in honesty, integrity and generosity.

Quenin Gate

This gate leading into the grounds of the Cathedral was used by the monks of St Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury’s oldest educational establishment.

We pray for all those who teach or study in our schools, colleges and universities, for the ability to learn well and to think creatively.

North Gate

The North Gate had the reputation of being the poorest, least desirable part of the city, and the Northgate Ward is still one of the most deprived areas in Kent.

We pray for community and family life: that our city will be a place where no-one is lonely, where people are valued and where healthy relationships thrive.

West Gate

Just beside the West Gate Towers stands the Guildhall, the place from which the city has been governed for centuries.

We pray for our city and county councils, for Rosie Duffield, our local MP, and for all those involved in the judicial system; for wisdom, insight and godly action.


With one of the city’s busiest pubs situated almost exactly where the Burgate would have been, today we pray for the leisure industry, the city’s nightlife and the tourism which helps make this a prosperous city.

May Canterbury be a place where people discover true rest and deep joy.

Riding Gate

This gate is near the bus stop, the Canterbury East railway station and the police station.

As thousands of people come in and out of the city each day, we pray for those whose job it is to keep us safe and to keep us moving: for foresight to spot problems before they arise, and for courage to act when danger is real.


You can download the City Gates Prayer Card; it is an approximate map of Canterbury, featuring its gates and landmarks. It serves as a thematic guide to prayer, a useful aid for a walk around the city or for prayer times at home.